M Group Scenic | True began as a small family owned business, and has since grown into a substantial company that is a foremost authority in the event design and production world. Despite our rapid growth and success, MGS | True has kept true to their roots. Walking around the office, you will encounter four legged as well as two legged friends, creative think tanks and an avid open door policy. Impromptu meetings sometimes find employees at the local Starbucks or even in a yoga class… to research meditative themed parties of course!

Creativity and forward moving technology is principal at MGS | True. Free thinking mind trusts of ideation working together for new ideas and directions for top brands Internationally. When we are not traveling the globe taking in natural inspiration, we research technological advances in fabrication as well as trends in the design and event world. With some of the biggest names in the business world as clients, it is imperative for MGS | True to be on the cutting edge of event design and production.

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