Would you hire several chefs to cook one dinner? I wouldn’t think so. So why hire an agency that subcontracts out all of their work? Not only is it more expensive, but there is little to no control with that many people in the kitchen.

Our experiential marketing approach here at M Group Scenic Studios | True is the same approach to everything else we do – deliver high quality work using the utmost professionalism, craftsmanship and service; while handling everything in-house in a custom boutiques environment. What further sets us apart is that we are Producers first and Marketers second. After all doesn’t the best Chef create his dish first and market it second?

The key to any Experiential Marketing is the environment you create to produce quantifiable connections with consumers and your brand. That’s where we excel, we design and produce the entire event around your goals and objectives while maximizing consumer and client interaction with your brand. We do all of this while working with your Marketing and Events team to ensure flawless execution, open communication and adherence to budget to meet your ROI goals.


[Production and Coordination]

• Budget Development and Administration
• Branding
• Large Format Signage
• Sponsor Integration and Development
• Staging and Choreography
• Entertainment Procurement and Management
• Program Scripting and Show Management
• Press Arrivals
• PR
• Data Capture and Re-Cap
• Interactive Development
• Event Promotion
• Sponsorship and Co-Branding
• Hospitality and Catering Management
• Sponsor and Partner Integration
• Security
• Rental Coordination
• On Site Staffing
• Shipping Logistics
• Government Relations and Permitting
• Insurance



• Concept and Thematic Development
• Concept Rendering, Storyboards and Models
• Graphic Design
• Multimedia Content Development
• Sound and Lighting Design
• Scenic Design
• Stage, Set and Production Design
• Linen and Floral Design
• Brand Development and Management



• In House Custom Fabrication Studio
• Audio-Visual Projection, Video; Live and Recorded
• Power and Distribution
• Staging and Rigging
• Scale Drawings
• Production Manager
• Lighting Design and Technicians